OCR Matching Purchase Invoice and Purchase order

moichinoimoichinoi Member Posts: 41

Is there a function when Importing an Incoming Document from OCR service, to match it with an existing Purchase Order.
because , if there is not, I thing the OCR function is useless, or at least, a Company can't use the Purchase Order AND the OCR import Feature.

Any experience on that ?

thank you all.



  • Eboy82Eboy82 Member Posts: 25
    I don't see anything in standard, in my country we have a 3rd party addon that built this into their solution. Quite sophisticated - it's called Continia Document Capture.

    But I agree, it's surprising this is not something that has been improved upon for + 10 years.

    Personally, I've made my own solution - so when an OCR file get returned, I allow the user / OCR to fill in an order number on the incoming document. When the PI is created a new sub-table keeps track of the order lines that are matched to this P.I. Lastly, I have some code on the "event" when a P.O is received, that it then automatically puts the lines to the P.I through standard use. Plus some flow fields so you can see how much is yet to be received / invoiced.

    Simple, but good enough for my clients that doesn't have 1000s of PI each month.
  • moichinoimoichinoi Member Posts: 41
    Thank you.

    I am very desapointed of Nav features.
    There are some other ERP system that offer out of the box a lot more features as that one.
    So often, when a client ask me a feature , there is a add on for that.

    For exemple,
    A cash system ( POS) ,
    Purchase order an invoice by OCR Reconciliation
    Bank direct connection with EBICS TS protocole.
    GED management,
    Nav offline App.
    App with scan to make Inventory,
    Native connection for sales web plateform.
    Delivery of sales order planning with truck ressources
    Optimization of route for delivery
    And others....

    A lot of features customer give value , whereas the back office of nav is very good , the "Wow " features are inexistant...
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