Single Fixed Asset for multiple same Object

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Dear Sir,

During Fixed Asset Implementation process, my client wants to maintain a Single Fixed Asset Card(FA) for multiple but same kind of equipment. Suppose they have bought a Fixed Asset ( Quantity 4 of similar kind of Computer), they want to maintain a single FA for that. And the same FA(Computer) will be disposed if they will sale out all the 4 Quantity.

How this will be configured with or without customization in NAV 2016 Database ?

Kindly reply .


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    If they bought the 4 at the same time, I would put that in the description. Is like when you buy a computer, you will also need monitor or other devices and you don't make a FA for each one.
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    Suppose they have bought 4 PCS Laptops of same configuration. In this case they want to maintain a Single Fixed Asset Card (FA0001).

    And they want to sale 1 PCS from the 4 PCS without disposing the same Fixed Asset FA0001.

    Is it possible ?

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    Are they going to sell the fixed asset for the remain value of that unit?
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    Suppose I had bought 4 PCS Laptops of same configuration and created a single Fixed Asset(FA0001) for it on dated 1 January 2018.

    On dated 1 February 2019, I have notice that one of them creating problem during works. So I have decided to sale this 1 PCS Laptop [Fixed Asset (FA0001)] but do not want to dispose the Fixed Asset FA0001.
    Note : The Fixed Asset (FA0001) will be disposed when the last one will be sale out.

    How it can be possible in the NAV 2016 database ?
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