how to get data from web page into dynamics 365 b c?

kmkaotkmkaot Posts: 216Member
I want collect data on frequencies period from web or web source,
will anyone suggest the options available

warm regards


  • ftorneroftornero Posts: 217Member
    Hello @kmkaot,

    You can use something like this to get web page
    pageextension 50101 CustomerListExt extends "Customer List"
        trigger OnOpenPage();
            Client: HttpClient;
            Response: HttpResponseMessage;
            URL: Text;
            Content: HttpContent;
            Page: Text;
            URL := '';
            Client.Get(URL, Response);
            Content := Response.Content;

    Or if the web source have an API use it.

    Sorry, the information you asking for is very generic.

  • kmkaotkmkaot Posts: 216Member
    Hi, ftornero

    Thank you very much for quick support.

    There is website for collect and display data from devices with GSM sim. This website is showing real time values. I need to collect data online store in NAV table. for example Meter Id, Current reading, Pressure etc.

    please advice...
    thanks in advance


  • ftorneroftornero Posts: 217Member
    Hello @kmkaot,

    To try to help you out is necessary more information about what you want to do, i.e:
    • Is there an API to get the data ?
    • Do you need, otherwise, to get the page and parse the data to obtain the information you need ?
    • Is the page public so you can post the URL here ?
    • And all the information you can share about the project....

    How I said before you need to be more specific.

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