Page on Mobile Client doesn't refresh on input but RTC does?

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I have a page that is used for scanning barcodes. When I scan a barcode I execute a bunch of logic in the field.validate function that updates several bits of display information for the user. If I open the page in the RTC it works perfectly. If I open in the mobile client on an Android based barcode scanner the page isn't updating like it should. Is there something I should be looking for? Here's the code on the validation block. The variables with Display in the name are tied to the fields displayed on the page.
IF ScannedBarcode <> '' THEN BEGIN
  IncomingShipmentScan."Entry No." := 0;
  IncomingShipmentScan.Barcode := ScannedBarcode;
  IncomingShipmentScan.Result := IncomingShipmentScan.ProcessScan(IncomingShipmentScan.Barcode);
  IF IncomingShipmentScan.Result = 'Found' THEN
    BarcodeResultStyle := 'Favorable'
    BarcodeResultStyle := 'Unfavorable';
  IncomingShipmentScan.CALCFIELDS("NAV Purchase Order Line No.","NAV Purchase Order No.","NAV Purchase Receipt No.");
  //LineTotalInfo := FORMAT(IncomingShipmentScan.GetIncomingShipmentLineScanned) + '/' + FORMAT(IncomingShipmentScan.GetIncomingShipmentLineTotal);
  //ReceiptTotalInfo := FORMAT(IncomingShipmentScan.GetIncomingShipmentScanned) + '/' + FORMAT(IncomingShipmentScan.GetIncomingShipmentTotal);
  ResultDisplay := IncomingShipmentScan.Result;
  ItemNoDisplay := IncomingShipmentScan."Item No.";
  SerialNoDisplay := IncomingShipmentScan."Serial No.";
  PONoDisplay := IncomingShipmentScan."NAV Purchase Order No.";
  POLineNoDisplay := IncomingShipmentScan."NAV Purchase Order Line No.";
  PRNoDisplay := IncomingShipmentScan."NAV Purchase Receipt No.";

  ScannedBarcode := '';
  IF IncomingShipmentScan.Result <> 'Duplicate' THEN 
IF BarcodeResultStyle <> 'Favorable' THEN
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