How to show more than one VAT type on sales invoice print

Hi everybody,
I got stuck while creating new report which will use for sales invoices print.
I'm doing it via word layout, and i do not know how to map VAT amount field after creating it into NAV development.

Imagine if you have two different VAT types with for example 3,7 and 7,7 % on few lines in same document. What I want is to show both total VAT amounts on invoice.

I successfully created all of the fields in report, customer no, adress, total amount excl. vat in sales invoice line etc. but do not know how to show sums for every of VAT type grouped.

Can you help me with this, i want to do this through code of report also.

Thanks in advance


  • txerifftxeriff Member Posts: 359

    I think youshould have a look to standard reports like R206. It´s tricky to explain how they work. basically I guess you are missing a dataitem.

    The standard creates VATAmountLines in a temporary=yes table. then it uses the integer dataitem in sales lines to create the line where the vat counter (another integer fake dataitem) shows it.
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