Nav 2018 JobQueue dll fail

DanielFDanielF Posts: 19Member
Hello all,

I'm facing following problem:
I've written a dll which I'm using as DotNet Variable inside C/AL. Inside constructor of my dll I create a instance of an object which is refering to another dll.

When running my C/AL Code in User Mode it works as defined.
When running my C/AL Code as Job Queue I'm facing a problem creating Instance of my object inside my first dll.

Running JobQueue in User Mode of DotNet Variable won't work.
Running JobQueue in NOT User Mode causes Error when creating instance of DotNet Variable.

Can someone help or has some experiance?

I'm thinking of somewhat like putting my second dll inside my first dll in my C# Project. Because I'm guessing that call from dll to another dll is forbidden by Service Tier? If my assumption is right has someone a guide for putting dll inside dll to create only one dll?

Kind Regards and thanks in advance.


  • DuikmeesterDuikmeester Hoorn, The NetherlandsPosts: 278Member
    Make sure the object is not RUNONCLIENT and that both DLL's are deployed on the middle-tier. All should be working like normal.
  • DanielFDanielF Posts: 19Member
    Thanks for your answer Duikmeester. That setup I've tested - because the error creating instance of object still remains is a clue that my dll isn't programmed correctly. So I have to check references inside my dll?
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