MRP Reports in NAV

tjosetjose Posts: 3Member
Hello Experts, Do we have any standard report or any custom report designed by anyone in NAV which shows a pegging report for a component? To elaborate further, can we run a report against a component which shows all the MRP orders ( Ref. Order no. from Planning worksheet) assigned to it with its quantities and its immediate top level assembly item with its MRP order nos and quantity ?


  • golfergolfer Posts: 67Member
    Have a look at the Item Availability by Event.
  • tjosetjose Posts: 3Member
    Thx a lot Golfer. I see that it does the job, however it wants you to navigate to multiple screens to get the complete info. Just wanted to know if we can design a report to show all these info and whether this data exist in planning lines.
  • golfergolfer Posts: 67Member
    You could also have a look at Availability by Timeline, there you will see also the Planning Lines.
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