How do i give employee advance in different currency other than LCY in NAV 2018

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In NAV 2016 I use to create employees as customers then be able to give and pay employee advances in LCY or in other currency. In NAV 2018 with introduction of employee leger entries ,on the journal when I choose account type as employee and try to pay in different currency other than LCY I get an error. Is there a way I can be able to pay or receive money for account type employee with different currencies other than LCY or do I still have to create these foreign currency paid employees as customers to register these transactions.


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    Customers pay you and you pay vendors.
    It would be more straightforward to create vendors for them if the employee ledgers don't allow foreign currencies.
    Ofcourse it also depends what the actual error is you are getting.
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    MS has disabled it, there is no way around it except changing the NAV code.

    In Table 81 there are 3 statements that contain OnlyLocalCurrencyForEmployeeErr.
    After disabling the errors I was able to post an employee payment in different currency. G/L and Employee results after posting seem normal to me. But there must (?) have been a reason for MS to disable it.
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    Thank you TallyHo
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