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Hello Experts, This regards to a challenge i have been facing in UK VAT return statements. NAV consultants in UK will be aware of the VAT statement Templates ( which i believe is copied from Accounts schedule in principal) which populates all values from VAT entries table for VAT reporting. VAT entries will be updated only from a purchase, sales , service or GL posting and not from a transfer order / item journal / Revaluation journal etc etc. However in case of consignment sales (where we first transfer the goods from UK warehouse to let us say, DE warehouse ), which is done through a transfer order in NAV is never going to update VAT entries table. But we need to report this transfer cost also in our VAT return since this is considered as a sales for VAT reporting. Is it possible to bring transfer order posting information into VAT entries table or has someone have some experience in it? If we are able to bring this info to VAT table, vat statement report will be complete and requires no further adjustment. Just thought of knowing if someone has tried some workarounds like Dummy invoice or whatever.
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