Example of simple Server Nav add-In in c#

Hallo all,

do you have someone please example of simple Server Nav add-In in c#.
I created dll library, sign but dotnet variable cant see my dll.

Thank you for help



  • lubostlubost Posts: 529Member
    You should deploy your DLL to client Add-In folder for developing environment.
  • vladimirnemecvladimirnemec Posts: 5Member
    Hi Lubosh, thank you. My situation is that i created client addin. Its working good. But wit Settings RunOnClient property. I need to change std.mail dll to my own. Then runat server. When i give my dll into server addin i can see betw Navision Addons (as Mail). I mean that must be special registration in dll or something similar (interop..) . Do you have some small dll source which can be registered in server please?

  • vladimirnemecvladimirnemec Posts: 5Member
  • vladimirnemecvladimirnemec Posts: 5Member
    Hallo, any from you never did server addin in Visual Studio? :)
  • AlexDenAlexDen Posts: 32Member
    Did you put this dll on server to "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\NavVersion\Service\Add-ins\" folder?
  • vladimirnemecvladimirnemec Posts: 5Member
    yes, but something is with dll. Thats tte reason why i would like sample of dll. Because my is not registered in nav.
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