NAV RTC client user name vs NST user name

ioannidisvioannidisv Member Posts: 7
Hi, in order to identify which user blocks or participates in deadlocks I need to know the user involved. But because of NST in between the RTC client and the SQL I only get the user name of the connected NST on the SQL spids.
Any ideas how to get this information from NAV? I suppose it holds it somewhere because based on the Windows user of the user it gets the role and appropriate permissions.



  • SanderDkSanderDk Member Posts: 496
    Depending on you NAV version:
    For NAV2013-NAV2016 you can only specify the NST causing the locking (SQL)
    In NAV2017-NAV2018 you can setup and run Page 9511 "Database Locks" and see the database locks
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  • ioannidisvioannidisv Member Posts: 7
    That sucks big time. You can have hundreds of users on one NST!
    Nice hint on the 2017-2018 though, I will see how this works on an upcoming installation.

    Anyway thanks!
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