NAV2013 - filtering results for a cue

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Hello everyone. This is my first post here so please excuse any errors i may make.

I'm trying to create a cue to show me the number of unloading points (arbitrary name of a place where packages are picked up) having a deactivation date older than or equal to 14 days with regards to the current date. The base table has a field called deactivation date type date which is set automatically with the current date when the bool field 'deactivation' is set to yes. The cue table has a pk-field and the field 'deactivation date'. Unfortunately nothing i can find allows me to filter the cue according to my wishes.

Would someone be so kind as to step me through this?

Best regards


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    You should add :
    1. Flow filter field so you can filled on cue page it with current date -14D
    2. flow field to count number of unloading points a using flow filter field and deactivation = true
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    Sorry for the long wait...thanks for that. I will give it a go and see if i come to terms with the concept
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