Show factbox fields depending on values in field

MGoosenMGoosen Member Posts: 8
Hello everyone,

I'm trying to make the fields in a factbox visible/not visible depending on the values in the source table.
For example; if the source code is "extern", the field should be visible in the factbox and otherwise the field shouldn't be.

I created boolean global variables and set those in the Visible properties of the fields and I set those global variables to FALSE in the OnInsert trigger of the factbox. Next I put code in the OnAfterGetRecord trigger of the factbox to set the variables to TRUE depending on the condition (with a CASE statement).
Right now all fields are not visible, so the code in the OnInsert trigger works. But the code in the OnAfterGetRecord isn't and I don't know how to proceed.

Is it possible what I'm trying and if so how can it be done?

Thanks anyway.


  • nicolassaleronnicolassaleron Member Posts: 11

    Have you tried to put your code in the OnAfterGetCurrRecord?
  • HatchetHarryHatchetHarry Member Posts: 24
    edited 2019-02-11
    put them in a group and the set the visible on the group. And make sure the boolean is true in the OnInit.
  • MGoosenMGoosen Member Posts: 8
    No, not until you suggested it.
    Unfortunately, it doesn't work either.
  • MGoosenMGoosen Member Posts: 8
    The combination of putting the fields in a group and setting the visible on the group with putting the Case statement in the OnAfterGetCurrRecord trigger did the trick.

    Thanks for the help everyone.
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