Error You do not have the following premissions on TableData (Table): Modify

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Dear NAV peaople,
I have error "You do not have the following premissions on TableData (Table): Modify" when I try to change data in posted documents from development. The reason is license ofcourse. I put developer license by make Change license in development environment but it doesn't work. When I put license by Upload it works, I can change data I want to. Why doesn't work when I set license by Change button? I don't want to put developer license to client system. First issue is that I dont have client license, so if I upload our license this license stay there. The second issue, and more important is when I upload developer license to client system I have to restart NAV service. This is unacceptable during working hours. My question is. There is some other way to change data on the system without restart service (I know I can change it by SQL but it is more dangerous)?
Thank you from the mountine.

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  • malintusmalintus Member Posts: 30
    Thank you Sander. Create another NST is the best way to do this for me ;)
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