Void Check after posting of Payment Journal

fazlehasanfazlehasan Member Posts: 62
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A vendor was paid through a Payment Journal using computer Check. After posting the Payment Journal, it was found that the printed Check has issues, so this check was voided. There is an issue in the system generated reversal entries that was created by the void process. In the vendor ledger entry, we found that the Reversal entry has document type "Refund". Should not it be blank? Is it a bug? is there any way to fix this issue? The NAV version our client is using is 2016.
Thank you.


  • fifa@xnet.is[email protected] Member Posts: 2
    This is correct as the posted check(payment) was refunded. You unapply payment from Invoice and apply payment(check) and the refund. You then need to start payment again.
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