[Solved] Rename Item No does not work any more (NAV2017)

NAVFuchsNAVFuchs Member Posts: 51
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For some reasons I don't know, it is not possible to rename an item any more. I added two fields in the item table.

It does rename the item no in the item table, but all related tables are not updates (Sales lines etc).

There is no error message or an entry in the Windows Event log.

How can I find the reason for?


  • lubostlubost Member Posts: 566
    Renaming in related tables is based on relations in TableRelation property in tables. When table relation is changed to code in OnLookup, renaming doesn't touch field.
  • RockWithNAVRockWithNAV Member Posts: 946
    I just did renaming of Item in NAV 2018 and it works perfectly fine for me!!
  • NAVFuchsNAVFuchs Member Posts: 51
    It did before also. Actual we are working with CU19
  • NAVFuchsNAVFuchs Member Posts: 51
    Found: Solved in Application Hotfix CU 4

    "Sales Line: The Item does not exist. Identification fields and values" error if you rename an item and open an existing sales order containing that item.
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