SQL Error in Approved by

When clicking on Approved by, I'm getting the SQL error as per attached.
'The following SQL error was expected: New request is not allowed to start because it should come with valid transaction descriptor'.
Any Help??


  • gvolkovgvolkov Member Posts: 196
    you need to post more details such as versions of software being used.
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    Microsoft Certified Business Management Solutions Specialist
  • vaprogvaprog Member Posts: 956
    If this is not cause by a recent change in your system then restart services, recompile objects, reinstall SQL Server client software (repairing your Dynamics NAV client installation should probably do the trick to get working SQL Server client components).
  • wolfskinwolfskin Member Posts: 83
    Please try to recompile all objects or start tracking by debugger.
  • Yagesh2504Yagesh2504 Member Posts: 4
    Nav 2016 & SQL Server 2016
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