Partial Picking.

thomastthomast Member Posts: 100
Is there no option to set an order or warehouse shipment to "Complete Picking"? For example, consider a Sales Order that is set to Shipping Advice "Complete" and you only have part of the items on stock. NAV will happily create a pick ticket for those Items taht are available, but then you have to wait for the rest to arrive into your warehouse and finish the picking. If this takes 2 weeks, you will have items sitting in your Shipping bin for 2 weeks. But maybe this is normal procedure? Am I missing something?


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  • txerifftxeriff Member Posts: 359
    Well, you can ship partially the order.
    Then, do not do any pick until you can fullfil the entire order.

  • thomastthomast Member Posts: 100
    txeriff - Thanks for your response. The Sales Order in my scenario is set to "Complete Shipping" which means the customer would like to receive everything in 1 shipment.
  • thomastthomast Member Posts: 100
    Thanks Txeriff - good points.
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