Dynamics 365 Business Central App not working on Android: 'Server connection timeout occurred'

bhlsuperbhlsuper Member Posts: 2
Hi everyone,

I am trying to launch the Dynamics 365 Business Central on Android via Azure server but I kept on getting the error message

'Server connection timeout occurred'. I did install the new self-signed certificate on Android but it seems that the Business Central app doesn't recognize the certificate. I checked Settings > Security > Advanced security settings > Trusted Certificate, and the certificate was there.

I did a lot of googling and tried many different solutions that people posted online, but it still didn't work.

The certificate is .cer file, and it is completely working fine.

However, I tried on my co-worker's iPhone and it worked completely well.

Can anyone give me any feedbacks or solutions to this? or is it just me not working with Androids?

Thank you,


  • puz_mepuz_me IndonesiaMember Posts: 18
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    I was facing the same problem with Dynamics NAV App and NAV 2018 server. However, The problem was solved with creating self-signed certificate with an Subject Alternate Name.

    Now, the same issue seems also occur to me with BC on Premise and the same approach doesn't solve the problem. This topic is also discussed in https://community.dynamics.com/business/f/758/t/311240. However, it seems to be there's still no solution for the issue here.

    so if anyone have the solution for this, any information would be appreciated. thanks.
  • bhlsuperbhlsuper Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for commenting. I solved this issue a month ago by using a valid, non-self-signed certificate. I found that Android doesn't interact with new-self-signed certificates. You must use certificates other than new-self-signed certificates. For me, I used the let's encrypt. This is the post that I referred to.
    If you can afford some money to buy certificates, I recommend to do so.
  • luisantonioalvarezluisantonioalvarez Member Posts: 5
    I'm in an Three Tier instalation in Business Central on Premises in 13.0 version application. I have followed the steps in this guide: https://community.dynamics.com/business/f/758/t/311240 , and the android application continues to fail with a timeout error. I wanted to follow the steps that you indicate in your post, but when going to the link of the application that you indicate (GitHub), I can not find the application that you have used. Do you know where I can download it from, or how can I solve the problem? Can it be a failure in the configuration of the NAV service or in IIS? From the mobile browser, I access the web application correctly, and the mobile recognizes the certificate giving the site for sure.
    Thank for your help!
  • dstovedstove Member Posts: 1
    The problem is, I want my users to be able to use Android and iPhone apps to process data on the premises but not necessarily at their desks over Wifi, but I don't want to expose the business application to the internet, so I can't use a certificate like letsencrypt which required you to have the server available on the internet.
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