Web Service NAV2009 to NAV2009

Hello all,

So i'm getting some doubts about this but i am getting to a breaking point regarding navision 2009. So i am new to a old system as it is and i want to check between 2 navision databases in different servers. So i wanna check the stock from a product and i need to do it between those two navisions.

I read in the forum some codeunits and examples but i really don't get it. Can someone show me some tips about this issue?

Thank you in advance,


  • TallyHoTallyHo Member Posts: 383
    Are servicetiers operational?
    Or do they use the classic client connecting to sql server only.
  • ExemptExempt Member Posts: 2
    yes the service tiers are operational. we use classic and rtc and all navision 2009 are on the same version but on different country's. The black belt codeunit does not work because of the encoding and i am trying to do a simple transaction. The SSL or middle tier will be done later, my problem is filling the XMLport and sending through a function at the codeunit.

    For example filling a temporary table item and then putting in a XMLport and sending. On the other side same thing but on the contrary receiving the XML (Same xmlPort in both versions).
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