What is Bank data conversion service


We use a French version of Dynamics Nav for our contry, that is quite the same way to work , and we only use old Payment Slip to generate the transfert file to pay the vendor, and then upload it to the bank online.

I am trying to understand what is a bank data conversion service.
I see th HOW DO I : Setup bank data conversion service.
But I don't know what is it.
We still use the old CFONB160 file FORMAT , that is still the format that the bank are generating and consumming.

Fot the new version of Nav , there is the new setup to do.

I read that I need to :

- Setup a Export format in the bank card. The bank is the bank that I want to use to pay my Vendors.
- Activate the Bank data conversion service.

So , I try to understand this 2 points

- Bank conversion service : Never had to use a External service to generate a bank file, Is it now mandatory to use an external bank service to be able to use bank Nav function ?

- On the Export format, there is a Processing code Unit ID , and a Processing XmlPort ID.
What the logic of that setup ?

In fact, I am confuse with the bank function.
Can anyone explain to me :
- Is it possible to define a custom in the export format in the payment journal.

thank you
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