Data Exchange Setup for EFT

CodeViperCodeViper CanadaPosts: 21Member
I am setting up an EFT for a Canadian bank that for the date, uses "MMDDYY".

Setting up the Data Exchange Def shouldnt be this complicated.
Using the current files and setup for RB, when the when it creates the mappings and such, makes the FILE CREATION DATE and converts it to a Julian date format.

There should be a place to either check if you want that date... or to keep is a standard date.

In the date exchange column definitions... should have a way to set the date back or something like that.
I have tried in the Data Format column '<Day,2><Month,2><Year>' but it balks at that.

I am trying to keep from having to use code... as this is "supposed to work from a user perspective with no changes to code as its all setup", or so I have been told.

Is there something I am missing in the creation of the Data Exchange Definition and setup?
All I want is my "2019010" Julian date to read what it originally was "01/09/2019"... and then converted to MMDDYY.


Thanks In Advance.



  • Hi,
    Did you tried with this format MM/dd/yyyy? , try to change it with MM/dd/yy.the char M should be M and not m.
  • CodeViperCodeViper CanadaPosts: 21Member
    I have tried that SRADOUAN, but to no avail. I wish Microsoft would know that not ALL banks use a Julian date and some still use Gregorian...

    I fixed my issue by adding another field to the export table and changing the code unit to store the date "as is"... so I can then pull it into the Data Definition for output to a EFT file. Don't like coding for what was told was "all user setup".

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