Error on executing codeunit 1750 Data Classification Mgt.

dgagoutisdgagoutis Posts: 5Member
Hello everyone, i am currently using NAV 2017 RTC (Online).

I did apply a Cumulative update to my server/ client .

After the update , GDPR modules have been installed (as they should).

But in my role center, when i open activities i get the following error :
You do not have the following permissions for Codeunit Data Classification Mgt. : Execute

Any ideas?


  • DuikmeesterDuikmeester Hoorn, The NetherlandsPosts: 275Member
    edited 2019-01-07
    Renew the license. You are probably using a license from before, I think August 2018, when this was added.
  • dgagoutisdgagoutis Posts: 5Member
    edited 2019-01-07
    Renew the license.

    On the database? Alirght , did just show your edit will try this and get back thanks
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