Using CU1290 "The expected data was not received from the web service"

motogalmotogal Posts: 1Member
Hi all, i am trying to consume a NAV webservice using CU 1290, and following the example in CU 248. (The purpose of consuming a NAV webservice in NAV is to handle functions of multiple different companies from one single company ) .

I enabled tracelog and was able to review the FullRequest file to see the XML content.

I created a simple function in codenunit 50000 WSMgt, the function is called CreateNewCust and accept CustName as parameter. This is simply for testing.

However, i keep getting "The expected data was not received from the web service" error in NAV.
When I copy and paste the XML Request into SOAP UI and it runs without issue........any idea why NAV doesnt like this ?

Below is the FullRequest.XML file i captured by turning on Tracelog.
<?xml version="1.0"?>

  <s:Envelope xmlns:s="" xmlns:wsm="urn:microsoft-dynamics-schemas/codeunit/WSMgt">
        <wsm:CreateNewCust xmlns:wsm="urn:microsoft-dynamics-schemas/codeunit/WSMgt">
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