Dataport for Germany Data

danldanl Member Posts: 25
We have created a standard dataport to import Customer Master file, Item Master file from .csv file. The import went successfully but there were German special characters which did not import successfully to Customer Master File and Item Master file. Please advise how to import those German Special characters to Navision using Dataport.

We have Navision 3.70 US version, and we have multi language granules for German and English.


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    SavatageSavatage Member Posts: 7,142
    i've never used it but I have read a few posts that talk about using the converter

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    KowaKowa Member Posts: 920
    If you open the .csv file in Wordpad and save it as file type "Textdocument (MS-DOS)" the special characters should come out right. Navison expects ASCII type files , not ANSI.
    Kai Kowalewski
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    danldanl Member Posts: 25
    hi Kowa,

    It worked, thank you so much!
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    ebsoftebsoft Member Posts: 81
    I like it!
    I've just got some problems with spanish chars too! Importing captions into Italian db.

    Thank you very much.

    =D> =D>

    PS: it should exist "I like it" button, like facebook.

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