Inventory, Bin Content and unit of measure


I have a cooking problematic :smile:

I make dishes.
I use prod. Order component like this :

Fresh Cream 10 Liters
Pasta 50 KG

The base unit of measure of fresh cream is Liter.
i can purchase my Fresh cream in 3Liters pot/bottle or 5 Liters pot/bottle.
It's not a problem because i can use Purchase Unit Of Measure.

But when i receipt my fresh cream, i want keep my number of 3Liters pot/bottle and my Number of 5 liters pot/bottle.

I thought of using "Bin content" allow me to have [Item ledger entries] in Liter and my Bin content in [Purchase unit of measure]. But Not My Bin content is in Liter also.

If i had my bin contents in the purchase unit so i can pick and breakbulk in my process of production.

Do you have an idea to answer this problem?

I hope my English is understandable

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