How to Create an RDL Layout Report in AL version 2 with multiple data Item?

Hi All,

I try to create the new report with multiple data Items in AL version 2, but I do not know how to link those Items together.

everyone can help me?


Thanks and best regards

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  • SanderDkSanderDk Posts: 248Member
    Do you mean dataitem or layout?
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  • vanthanhvanthanh Posts: 23Member
    Hi SanderDk,

    I mention in data-items, "Dataset".
    how to link those Items together.

    Thanks and best regards
  • BlackTigerBlackTiger Posts: 1,222Member
    edited 2018-12-07
    SanderDk wrote: »
    Your image shows red box around layout, therefore my question.

    On your underlaying dataitem you can set a property called dataItemLink:
    This links your dataitem together

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