File does not exist on NAV-server


I have made a codeunit that can import a csv file. It works fine on the NAV-server, when I select a file from C-drive. When I run NAV on the terminal server and select a file from C-drive, I get the message "The file C:\Temp\myFile.csv was not found".

It looks like I need to specify that my codeunit must be run on the client, but how do I do that?

My codeunit OnRun trigger starts with this:

fileName := FileMgt.OpenFileDialog('choose file','','CSV files|*.csv|All files|*.*');

IF fileName = '' THEN EXIT;

myFile.OPEN(fileName, TEXTENCODING::UTF8);

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  • MortenSteengaardMortenSteengaard Posts: 29Member
    Thanks, SanderDk!!
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