I need help to cut(or copy) all files in Library from SharePoint to local C:\


  • elhamdirelhamdir Posts: 4Member
    I need code AL for copy all files From SharePoint to local C:\
  • SanderDkSanderDk Posts: 116Member
    How about starting to asking nicely for help?
    We are helping each other for free...
    Next point, what have to youself done to accompolis this task, have you youself done ANYTHING?

    Last, when you have read the upper, a tip for you:
    That a look a codeunit 419 - file management.
    There will be some functions you can use.
  • elhamdirelhamdir Posts: 4Member
    Sorry,you are right. because English is not my first language…
    Please I need 1 example code CAL for copy all fils from libarary SharePoint to local disque.
  • elhamdirelhamdir Posts: 4Member
    hello, I dont fin fonction for SharePoint in cu 419..
  • SanderDkSanderDk Posts: 116Member
    if you use sharepoint file share, then you will properly have a UNC path for your files, then you can use a download command from CU 419 to download fil to NAV server, and therefrom transfer them to the client computers.

    If you only have a URL (, then you will need to go more stuff.

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