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Hello experts,

we have an issue with the Job Queue and I have no clue whats the reason or a possible fix. Maybe you guys can help.

We have a longrunning reoccuring process queued in the Job Queue. It seems to work fine when started once and not restarted later.

The problem is, when someone tries to restart the queue while it is still running we have two threads processing the same Codeunit and they run on errors, because they are not supposed to run parallel.

We have to stop the Service to kill all but one thread. But this is not enough. Next time we start the client one thread starts again. Even if we put the Job Queue Entry on hold or set a different user. It is only possible to stop it when we wait until it is in the ready state and set it on hold.


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    Have you tried to change the codeunit to singleinstance=yes?
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    Fill "Job Queue Category Code" in this job queue.
    In this case it should wait until current running queue is finished.
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