Why does page onfindrecord trigger clears all filters when you put in // ?

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Putting // comments mark in on page trigger clears all filters... WHY? Or adding local variable which is not being used clears all filters and records too I think.

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  • vaprogvaprog Posts: 875Member

    Does it? It is supposed to show no records in this case (which my NAV 2017 does).

    This is because by putting **anything** there, you activate the trigger. Now, NAV expects to get back TRUE for any record it should display, but receives FALSE for all records.
  • BlankNameBlankName Posts: 17Member
    But for example I have unused local variable in onfindrecord trigger(not even used in code, just declared in locals) clears all records and filters too. My NAV version is 2016 btw. And when I clear those locals it show me my records(it definitely has records to show).

    And like putting **anything** I'm putting comment sign on that trigger and it breaks all page records and filters. What a nonsense.
  • Slawek_GuzekSlawek_Guzek Posts: 1,678Member
    **anything** term also includes comments and local variable declarations. This is how it works.
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