Presentations of NAV TechDays 2018

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Presentations of NAV TechDays 2018
Presentations of the NAV TechDays 2018 conference of 22 & 23 November 2018 in Antwerp (Belgium)

Thursday 22 November 2018

What’s new in Developing for Business Central
(Alex Toader, Esben Nyhuus Kristoffersen)
Performance: Business Central reloaded for the Cloud
(Torben Wind Meyhoff, Bardur Knudsen, Jens Møller-Pedersen)
Practical approaches for upgrading your NAV database and moving to extensions
(Peik Bech-Andersen, Mark Brummel)
Add some magic to Business Central with Machine Learning
(Dmitry Katson, Steven Renders)
Crazy mix of integrations: Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Azure services
(Alexander Ermakov, Andrey Baludin)
Evolution of a titan: a look at the development of NAV from an MVP angle
(Vjekoslav Babic, Eric Wauters)
Friday 23 November 2018

Business Central: The new face of the client
(Tomas Grubliauskas, Andrea Tino)
The future for developers and consultants
(David Singleton, Erik P. Ernst)
Designing for extensibility: Learn straight from the Application Architects
(Gert Robyns, Bardur Knudsen, Michael Hammond)
CI/CD for Business Central
(Gunnar Gestsson, Kamil Sáček, Arend-Jan Kauffmann)
Under the hood of Business Central service
(Christian Heide Damm, Esteban Ardaya Heckl)
Real life scenarios and best practices for using NAV on Docker
(Tobias Fenster)

Recordings of these presentations are published in our youtube channel.

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