Issues with NAV Web Client

Big_DBig_D Member Posts: 203
When a client of ours logs into NAV Web Client there is no login dialog and it loads up okay but is loading up with the wrong credentials!

We think that a User may have logged in as a specific User and selected the option to 'keep me signed in' and also the option to 'don't show this to me again'.

Does anybody know how to bring back the Login credentials when accessing the NAV Web Client?

Have removed the browser history and cached passwords from the default Web Browser but made no difference!

Big D signing off!


  • SanderDkSanderDk Member Posts: 495
    Is this a onetime thing, or do you want the user to sign in everytime?
    IF everytime is your goal, you can set the service tier up as NAVUSER/Password
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  • Big_DBig_D Member Posts: 203
    Hi SanderDk appreciate the reply :)
    They have auto Windows Login (although receiving wrong user!!) - think we're going to ask them to flip the lip to make them login each time?
    Big D signing off!
  • air_wolfair_wolf Member Posts: 13
    Hi Big_D,
    A few questions to help you identify the issue.
    Is this happening for one user/one machine? What if he uses a different user from the same machine or if he logs to a a different machine?
    Who's credentials is NAV displaying/using? Seeing what you said, it looks like a KERBEROS/impersonation issue. You can use fiddler/whireshark to see who's credentials are sent.
    Is the delegation set up correctly (SPNs and everything else)? Is the service user correctly provisioned?

  • Big_DBig_D Member Posts: 203
    Thanks for your good tips air_wolf :) !
    Big D signing off!
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