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NAVFuchsNAVFuchs Member Posts: 76

is there any possibilty to get a field-Help when pressing "F1" on the RTC-Client NAV 2017. I always get only "How-To"-Explanations.

Is there something missing in configuration setup or any help files to copy?



  • vremeni4vremeni4 Member Posts: 323

    well, what happened is that Microsoft did not manage to transfer the Help to new Web platform, so they just added basic help (Few pages) to NAV 2017.
    Like there is something but in fact there is no help. :-)

    How I fixed it I took the files from NAV 2016 where this still works, and copied the files on the ISS in NAV 2017 foldr.
    In other words I miss-used NAV 2016 help for NAV 2017 and it works fine, customers haven't complain until now .

    I hope this helps.
  • NAVFuchsNAVFuchs Member Posts: 76
    Thanks, yes that is what I did, too. Did not know that Microsoft does not deliver helps files with NAV 2017.

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