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Cannot figure out why the Navision has started to sending the emails with wrong text encoding for German characters.
The server settings are all set to German, anyway no changes were made.
Any suggestions what should I try?



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    RockWithNAVRockWithNAV Member Posts: 1,139
    Can we have the screeshot?

    Are you using CAPTIONML?
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    toni9i2toni9i2 Member Posts: 4
    Here is a screenshot.
    The problem is by "Versandbestätigung" -> "Versandbestätigung" (Email subject). Also the attached file has benn modified - same error.

    The one marked with blue (Email body) is generated correctly, though it has the same word inside.


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    air_wolfair_wolf Member Posts: 13
    Hi toni9i2,

    What NAV version/build are you on? It looks like an Unicode issue, but NAV 201X is unicode compliant.
    How do you generate and send the emails? As a batch form a job queue or manually?

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    toni9i2toni9i2 Member Posts: 4

    Thanks for the fast answer.
    NAV 2015
    Version DE Dynamics NAV 8.0

    It is a daily job queue.
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    rkaufmannrkaufmann Member Posts: 71
    did you find any solution?
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    toni9i2toni9i2 Member Posts: 4
    A windows update braked it, was fixed in one of the following updates.
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