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I have a question.
I'm trying to select in a XMLPort.
I have a Report that calls an XMLPort.
Now the question

I have a filter in the report on Vendor from No. 50000..50010.
The Filter is on Element Vendor, but how do I do to get the Filters on Vendor2 and Vendor3

The XMLPort look like this

Mandate = Element Vendor
LocalMandateID = Text LocalMandateID
LocalProducerID = Text LoclaProducerID
Mandate = Element Vendor2
LocalMandateID = Text LocalMandateID2
LocalProducerID = Text LoclaProducerID2
Mandate = Element Vendor3
LocalMandateID = Text LocalMandateID3
LocalProducerID = Text LoclaProducerID3

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