Using "Routing No." and "Production BOM No." on Purchase Item

naffnaff Posts: 26Member

we have set up items with Replenishment System "Purchase" but still entered "Routing No." and "Production BOM No.".

When we open a "BOM Structure" that includes such an item we get a warning "Item A005438 is a BOM, but the Replenishment System field is not set to Assembly or Prod. Order. Verify that the value is correct."

I was wondering if setting up items like this may cause any trouble somewhere in the system?
Is material/capacity planning still working as inteded? And cost calculation?

We are using NAV 2015.

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  • KTA8KTA8 Posts: 208Member
    Normally the replenishment system indicates what's your method of supplying this is how the system will calculate the needs. If an item has a BOM normally means that you manufacturing that item.
    Say all of that, NAV is flexible enough to work with the same item being purchase of manufactured.
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