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Hi All,
I am using Nav 3.60 (SQL) cronus to check on the costing at the item journal. Found out that, if it's negative adjustment, the Unit Amount can not be changed as the system will post the Unit Amount which was suggested by the system.

1) Create a new item with Costing Method = Average
2) Create a new journal line, entry type = Negative Adjustment
3) When we select the Item, system will default the Unit Amount, say 10. The system accept if we manully overwrite the amount to 18.
4) the test report has not problem as well. We can post the entry sucessfully also.
5) But when we check at the Item Ledger Entry, the Cost Amount (Actual) is 10. And this happen for Negative Adjustment.

Anyone has encounter this problem before? how should we rectify this problem?

Thank you.



  • ApricotApricot Member Posts: 14
    Hi Rachel,

    The COST at the time of -ve adj does not depend on the unit amout fld but the unit cost fld on the journal.
    The unit amout fld and the unit cost on jrnl will be picked up from the unit cost from the item card.
    In yr case, try changing the unit cost fld on jrnl to 18 instead of unit amount fld.

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