External reports speed vs build in?

So i am using the build in report from NAV2017. Prints are instantly done.
Now when i go to "report layouts" select custom layout and do nothing to it. (Basicly identic to the original build in report), the same print takes 20-30 seconds.

No changes are made to the report. Just changed the setting from build-in to custom (and so using the build in template) :disappointed:

Does anyone has an idea why its so slow and how to fix this?

It has something to do with the way it loads the external RDLC, cause if i load a white RDCL with no data, it also takes 20 seconds to generate the page.

- NAV server is a 16 core Xeon with raid 10 SSD and 32GB ram
- MSSQL backend is same system
- Test system is a 8 core Intel with 16GB RAM

so its not hardware relate as there is only user working currently on it. :hushed:
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