It is not possible to open the report for edition (start-end tag issue)

Dear all,

I am getting this error message saying, it is not possible to open the report for editing, detailed description: The "Value" start tag on line 6538 position 44 does not mat the end tag of "TextRun", Line 6543 position 43.

Any suggestion how to fix? (I am new to NAV)


  • txerifftxeriff Member Posts: 491
    Strange. I assume you´ve got dev. licence.
    Are you using any aditional languages on the report?
  • vaprogvaprog Member Posts: 1,100
    I'd say you layout is corrupted.
    Do you get the error when you chose Design in the Object designer, or when you try to edit the layout?

    Try to export the report as text. Then remove the layout from the text object.

    You may try to fix the layout with the help of the position information you got in the error message. This position information might be relative to the NAV text object or to the embedded RDLC layout only.

    It may also help to save (copy and past) the layout XML data to a new file and use an XML validation tool to find the flaw.
  • pokkyspokkys Member Posts: 2
    @txeriff No only English is used.

    @vaprog this error message only pops up when I try to edit the layout. Entering Design is just fine.
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