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Hello all,

My question:
Is there any means to refresh the system indicator on NAV 2018?

Here are what I know about the system indicator:
* It is refreshed when a company is logged in.
* There is a trigger we can use when GetSystemIndicator (CU1) is called

Here is the requirement:
I need to refresh it when a particular action is done in NAV.

Story of the requirement:
* There are sales branches, which are handled by using responsibility centers, in which a user works.
* Several available responsibility centers can be defined for a user.
* She selects her branch, and that branch becomes her sales responsibility center, while she is still in the same company.
* She doesn't have to log out and log in the company to change her branch.
* Users want to see their current responsibility center in the system indicator.

My dilemma:
Okay, I can show the responsibility center info in the system indicator but, but when the current responsibility center is changed I cannot update the system indicator.

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