SAVEASPDF on Network Drive

ajayjainajayjain Member Posts: 105
Can you please help me on this
I am saving report as pdf on a network drive, we are on citrix with NAV 2016
when I run the code, it works fine but it is not working for other users, I made other users as super user
folder is shared with 'everyone' read/write
report.saveaspdf return true with no error but file is not created in folder

FileName := '\\myfolder\' + Customer2."No." + '.pdf';

ServerTempFile := FileMgmt.ServerTempFileName('pdf');
REPORT.SAVEASPDF(EmailTemplate."Report ID", ServerTempFile, Customer2);
FileMgmt.DownloadToFile(ServerTempFile,FileName); //copy to my network folder

or run directly
REPORT.SAVEASPDF(EmailTemplate."Report ID", FileName, Customer2);

both works for me but not with any other user

Please advise


Ajay Jain


  • Slawek_GuzekSlawek_Guzek Member Posts: 1,684
    Do others have permissions to '\\myfolder\' (by the way shoudn't the destination be defined as \\SomeServer\myfolder\ ?)
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  • ajayjainajayjain Member Posts: 105
    hi, it was working fine next day, may be users need to reboot after permission set on their citrix profile :(
    Ajay Jain
  • Jacob1227Jacob1227 Member Posts: 122
    Thanks, @ajayjain and @Slawek_Guzek this discussion helps me :) BigSmile
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