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In my country, the accounting is done on whole values that is to say that all amounts are always rounded to 1 franc higher.
How to take this into account in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016? I noticed that in the rounding parameters of accounting parameter, the amounts are rounded in presentation and extraction of the data.
The problem is that as soon as you export a balance for the financial statements, we always see an imbalance of plus or minus 1 Franc. Also, during a letdown, some writings are still open despite visually everything is let down.
How to solve this problem of rounding on purchases / sales / journal entries?


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    If in your country the accounting is done on whole values then I guess all the documents you are processing, all amounts, net, tax, on these should be already the whole numbers?

    Or do you issue an invoice for total of, say 10.49 franc and record only 10 franc in your books?
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    Indeed, all amounts (net, taxes, etc.) are integers.
    Basically all that is accounted for is necessarily an integer value.
    For example 10, 41 or 10.52 will give 11.
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    In Navision there normal (nearest value) rounding is used.
    ROUND(Amount,Currency."Amount Rounding Precision")
    If You want all amounts rounded up then You need to change all navision code where are this (ROUND) function used
    ROUND(Amount,Currency."Amount Rounding Precision",'>')
    add field "Rounding Direction" but anyway changes there will be too much, like
    ROUND(Amount,Currency."Amount Rounding Precision",Currency."Rounding Direction")

    and one more thing about how the navision document will looks like, when all amounts are rounded up.
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    Besides the CODEUNIT, or this function is used in addition to the codes for the sales documents (order, invoice, credit memo), purchases (order, invoice, credit memo).
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    Hi amisdesga,

    If there is a localisation of NAV for your country, use it. It will have provided for this.

    I am not sure, where rounding up is to be applied. NAV provides setup for rounding type for invoices (as far as I can tell for documents in general) and for VAT. See the General Ledger Setup table (Fields 58, 59, 66, 67, 73, 74, (75), 90).
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