Multiple VAT numbers per company

Hello, I need advice how to customize NAV so that a company could operate with two VAT numbers. One of the numbers is for the country in which the company operates and the other is for a warehouse in another country. The company has operations with the two VAT numbers - purchases, sales, etc. After that the reporting should be per VAT number - a set of reports for each of the countries (VAT, VIES, Intrastat).


  • KTA8KTA8 MadridMember Posts: 339
    If they've two different VAT number (much more if they operate in different countries) they should have two companies in NAV.
  • KarenhKarenh Member Posts: 209
    Not necessarily. I work with a company that also has this requirement. They are based in Australia but also drop ship from a New Zealand vendor to a New Zealand customer. This transaction is subject to New Zealand GST AKA VAT and would not be subject to Australia GST AKA VAT. I am just thinking about how to handle the situation.
    I think it will have to be coded as export which is not subject to Australia GST, so Australia reporting will be correct.
    We will probably have to use a field to identify the vendor and those NZ customers, price it to include GST, and create special invoices to show the GST. Also a special report to use for tax reporting.
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