Upgrade vs New Implementation NAV 2009 R2 to NAV 2018

My company is currently on NAV 2009 R2 Classic and we want to move to NAV 2018. There have been quite a few programming changes made to the old software mostly to match our pricing program, however we also would like to reclassify our products in newly created item categories, product and posting groups and revamp our chart of accounts. We would also like to leave behind some of the old data (if possible keep the last 2-3 years) as the database is over 100 GB now and our weekly maintenance and backup takes over 20 hours to completely execute, not to mention only about 6,000 of the 20,000 items are active SKUs. Is it advisable to do an upgrade from the 2009 to 2018, or should just do a new implementation?


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    In this scenario I would prefer a new implementation. Import the data you want to keep into ledgers, sales/purchase documents and so on and post them with the new chart of accounts posting groups etc.
    You likely will have to write a report or something to map old data to the new data, but this is straightforward.
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    Definitely new implementation. I have used the XML data transfer tools from dynamics.is but to be honest I had to fix a few issues (formatting, code page) and to be fair it is a bit slow for 20K Items for example. But it is ideal for moving all the setup and additional tables in one go. Alternatively,those can be conveniently copy-pasted.

    For master data, look at the Configuration Packages and the same for ledger to journals. In both cases I just set up the columns in the old system so that I can directly copy-paste into the Excel Template. For General and Item Journals, just filtering on Customer, Vendor, Item Ledger as open = yes, and the journal has practically the same fields as the ledger.

    I don't see a lot of old and new data mapping. The only thing with a big structural change is dimensions.
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    I would go with new implementation as well. It is a good time to clean up the data and do another business requirements. You have a clean new database and customization.

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