NAV 2013 R2 - Sales Order Question

rico1931rico1931 Posts: 273Member
Hello Everyone,

Question about a work flow for a sales order. Is there ANY way to create a sales order but to have it NOT show up on the MPS/MRP side of production?

I even went and checked in CRONUS for NAV 2018 and even with the sales order status as OPEN, the item is still picked up on the production end. Anyone have any ideas about this process flow?

Willing to look at all suggestions.



  • rico1931rico1931 Posts: 273Member
    bump... anyone have a work around?
  • sorenhinrupsorenhinrup Posts: 85Member
    Not on a sales header level. You can assign a difference value to one of the following informations on your salesorder line, and then filter them away in the planning:
    "Variant Code"
    "Location Code"
    "Shortcut Dimension 1 Code"
    "Shortcut Dimension 2 Code"
    "Shipment Date"

    So you give the line Location Code = "A" and you plan on "B". Otherwise you can add a new field to the salesline, "exclude from planning", and add that to the filter in Table 37 trigger FilterLinesWithItemToPlan.
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