Replication from Business Central On Premise to Cloud - anyone succeeded?

Eboy82Eboy82 Member Posts: 25
I am attemptting this with limited success - just wondering if anyone has managed to replicate yet?
I have a real-life DB of like 5GB of data - and it seems like nothing is being done after 8 hours of syncing, logs says nothing in windows event.
"Still in progress" according to page 4003.



  • Slawek_GuzekSlawek_Guzek Member Posts: 1,690
    What is your upstream internet connection capacity? Isn't it a limiting factor?
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  • Eboy82Eboy82 Member Posts: 25
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    I have 100/100 mbit connection - so shouldn't be an issue. After 32 hours it's still in progress, I can't see much TCP trafffic leaving my PC, so i don't know if data is transfered and or it is being processed in cloud before I can see it.
    Some of the big tables are synced, like GLE, ILE, SIH, SIL etc.

    but a table id 10 shipping method and vendor is not. Weird.

    I managed to sync a cronus company first, this took like 5 hours as I recall.

    It's like a black box, you don't get any status of progress after 32 hours. Very hard to accept or understand.
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