Business Central NAV 2018 error - 'the system is not accessible'

techniquetechnique Member Posts: 21
As per subject when launching RTC I receive this error. I've added my user account so it's not that and the service is up and running without issue (also the schema is synchronised). I'm wondering if it's license related and if so how on earth to get a reseller license for BC NAV 2018 as the only options in the license configurator on partner source are up to NAV 11, no mention of BC.

As you can imagine this is a show stopper. So MANY thanks in advance to anyone that can help!


  • techniquetechnique Member Posts: 21
    Update - I just figured it out (license wise), the Business Central license option is a lot further on than the other options (2015,2016,2017,2018).

    But this hasn't solved my problem. The message of the 'system is not accessible' still appears every time I try to run the RTC and also if I try to use 'Sync Schema for all tables' from the Tools menu I get the following error 'The server "DynamicsNAV130' was unable to process the request. The application will close.'

    I can compile the tables and Sync. Schema (Now - with Validation) without issue though and the service is running so nothing in Event Log.

    Ideas please?
  • golfergolfer Member Posts: 88
    Did you start NAV "Run as Administrator"?
  • techniquetechnique Member Posts: 21
    Yep, always
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