Text interpreted as Integer in GET

rocatisrocatis Posts: 159Member
I just found this out by chance, and I cannot decide whether it is clever or idiotic:

Int is a record of type Integer:

Int.GET('3') will actually get Int.Number = 3...

This is in NAV 2018. I have not investigated other versions, but I am pretty sure this has not always worked that way.
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  • Wisa123Wisa123 Posts: 243Member

    Im tending towards idiotic.
    I tried what you showed, it also works in 2013 - without any problems.

    Then i got curious why and how it worked and looked into the c# resulting from the snippet.
    maps to
    @int.Target.ALGetSafe(DataError.ThrowError, 449479, ALCompiler.ToNavValue(@"55"));

    while the normal int-based way results in
    maps to
    @int.Target.ALGetSafe(DataError.ThrowError, 449479, ALCompiler.ToNavValue(12));

    So the ALCompiler actually does the cast to int for us internally.
    Weird, but ok. Im still going for idiotic, dont use this in any way.


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