NAV 2018 Outlook Integration (e-mail inbox) not working


I have a single VM without AD on which I have installed NAV2018 NL CU9 and I am using Office 365 authentication (E3 account) on it. I can access this VM from the public internet and Office 365 authentication is working for the NAV Windows Client and for the Web Client as well. Even from external machines I can use both clients via ClickOnce and browser.

From within NAV I executed the assisted setup for 'Outlook for financials' and it ran without any problems.
I also ran the assisted setup for the 'Azure AD' without any problems.

When I start Outlook and login with my Office 365 account I see the Dynamics NAV action buttons for 'Contact Insights' and 'New' documents when I select my inbox. After clicking the button 'Contact Insights' I see a new subwindow appearing on the right hand side in Outlook. In this Window the first thing I see is a blue background with the text 'Microsoft Dynamics NAV' and shortly after that I get a white background with some text saying I need to login.

That I need to login makes sense if I haven't started a NAV Client yet. After clicking the 'button' to login a new (browser) window appears with the login page of Office 365. I am able to login successfully but after that the window shows a blank page and doesn't close. Outlook keeps waiting for the page to be closed I think. If I close it myself and press the 'Done' button in Outlook (subwindow on right hand side) it looks like it is trying to get the information from NAV but after a short period it shows the same page again saying I need to login.

If I have started my NAV Client before starting Outlook the same happens.

It is strange however that I have seen it working once after I started the NAV Windows Client, re-ran the assisted setups again and then started Outlook. I didn't need to login again with my Office 365 account at all. After trying if it also worked for another Office 365 account from the same Office 365 tenant after running the assisted setups again for that account I couldn't get it to work anymore on the first Office 365 account for which I have seen that it worked.

In my opinion it has something to do with authentication when Outlook starts, the Dynamics NAV add ins are loaded or when clicking on the actions in the ribbon. If authentication succeeds it works, if it fails you get this page saying that you have to login which doesn't work either.

In the eventlog I noticed an error that confirms this I think.

Need help to get this working. I think it must be something simple but I really don't know where to look because my NAV clients work as expected.

Please help.
Theo van de Ven
Technical Consultant | System Administrator

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